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Whether you’re interested in yoga or pilates for physical fitness, psychological fitness (or both!) our yoga and pilates classes in Swindon can be a great help.

From a physical fitness perspective, yoga and pilates can help you improve your strength, flexibility and alignment. This is a must for any fitness training plan. From a mind-fitness perspective, yoga particularly can help you work through daily stressors and emotions, improving your mental focus. Pilates also has a mind-body element to it as the core-focused exercises are all carried out with breath control. This makes both yoga and pilates great outlets for managing stress and coping with modern-day life.

Our yoga classes are hatha, vinyasa and yin-inspired and our Pilates classes are based on the Michael King method with a fitness-focused twist! We also encourage a culture of non-judgement and zero ego. While challenging yourself is fantastic, everyone is on their own personal fitness journey. There’s nothing worse than walking into a stuffy studio and feeling like you’re being judged or compared to everyone else, so you won’t find any of this in our classes! If you’re a beginner, it’s also no problem as our classes are all mixed ability. This means lots of options are offered throughout the class so you can work within your limitations, do what you can and make the class your own.

Nat teaches a variety of member-only and corporate classes throughout the Swindon area (contact us for details) and pay-as-you-train yoga and pilates classes in North Swindon. No memberships and no hassle – just book your class, pay and enjoy.

Pop-up yoga and pilates classes

Pop-up yoga and pilates classes are added to the timetable throughout the year and usually run for a set period of time. Our class types page contains some information about these.

If these class types sound interesting, keep your eyes peeled for our pop-up class adverts. Which one will you choose?

Check out our timetable for details of current classes or contact us to express an interest in future pop-up classes.

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