When a yoga class isn’t enough, Therapeutic Yoga could be the answer

Have you been to yoga classes but found they’re not quite enough to help you overcome an issue you’ve been struggling with? Do you feel you could do with some help to overcome an emotional situation? Have you had hypnotherapy before but found it difficult to relax? Do you find it difficult to relax unless you’ve tired yourself out first? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, our Therapeutic Yoga in North Swindon could be what you’re looking for.

In yoga, ‘prana’ is defined as life-force energy. When prana is blocked, this can result in energy being utilised negatively. This can affect our ability to live in the present and exacerbate issues we may already have.

Our Therapeutic Yoga is a fusion of both yoga and hypnotherapy together. It’s particularly suitable for people who like to move their body before settling down to relax. Just like a yoga class, you’re likely to experience a lovely post-yoga feeling after you’ve stretched, which puts you in a great place to receive hypnotherapy. You don’t need any prior experience of yoga and you don’t need to be fit or flexible to have a Therapeutic Yoga session.

Therapeutic Yoga is a particularly suitable alternative for the following hypnotherapy treatments:
Therapeutic Yoga
– Sleep issues
– Stress management
– Weight loss
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Fitness and sports performance
– Increasing confidence
– Increasing self-esteem

Take a look at our treatment page for more information on these treatments.

Just like our hypnotherapy sessions, we’ll discuss what you would like to achieve before your first session. Our therapeutic yoga sessions normally start with a short guided relaxation to focus the mind. This is then followed with gentle yoga poses aimed at getting prana flowing. We then finish with a hypnotherapy session focusing on the problem you wish to work on.

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