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Want to get fitter?

Most people have a point in life where they decide they want to be fitter, or to lose weight, or perhaps they’ve realised they can no longer keep up with the kids as well as they used to. Putting it simply, they have decided they want to make a change in their life. So what often happens is that they buy a membership to a local gym, or decide to go out running, or join a slimming club.

Unfortunately these things don’t always work out for a number of reasons, at least not in the long term. The human body is a complex machine and often it is difficult to know exactly what exercises will help achieve your goals. That’s where a personal trainer can help.

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So what’s involved with personal training?

To a large extent, that’s up to you! The best part of personal training is that it’s personal to you. First, we’ll work together to identify your goals and determine a realistic time frame that you’d like to achieve them. We may do a few simple tests to evaluate your current level of fitness. We will also come up with a plan of action with you, dependent on your goals. As well as an exercise schedule, your individual plan might also involve taking a look at your diet, or small changes you can make to your day. Then we’ll work together to help you achieve them.

Of course, change of long term habits can take time. That’s why we will evaluate progress against the plan at regular intervals and adjust things as necessary. You might even find your goals change as you adjust to your new you and realise everything I know you’re capable of.