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What’s this ‘unlimited class pass’ I’ve heard about?

The unlimited online class pass gives you access to book as many live Zoom classes and On Demand Studio classes as you like. The pass is just £30 for 30 days and it’s the most cost effective way to join our online classes. Sign up for yours here.

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How much are your classes individually?

• In person classes: £10 per class, paid as a monthly course.
• Zoom classes: £7 per class.
• On Demand Studio classes: Individually priced from £2.

What’s the difference between a ‘live’ and ‘on demand’ online class?

Our live yoga and pilates classes run online through Zoom. With all the same benefits of an in-person class (and the occasional visit from a cat!) our Zoom yoga and Zoom pilates classes run to a fixed timetable each week. You’ll have live interaction with your instructor throughout, including more personalised verbal cues if you enable your camera. Cameras are optional if you’re feeling a bit shy though! You can also ask questions after class so if you have a burning question about a pose or exercise or simply want to have a quick chat, your instructor will be on hand to help.

Our On Demand Studio works like renting a movie. Simply book your class when you want to do it and the class will remain available for 24 hours from purchase. Our On Demand Studio online yoga and pilates classes are pre-recorded classes which have a similar feel to our live classes but without personalised interaction from your instructor. This could be a more convenient option if a live class isn’t on at a time you want to do it or you would like to add additional sessions into your week to complement your existing classes.

What style of yoga and pilates do you teach and what’s the difference?

We’re definitely not purists and believe in teaching an inspiring combination of styles to bring you an uplifting and supportive class that will help you feel amazing in both mind and body. The following descriptions might help you decide which class you’d most like to attend.

What’s your Yoga class like?

Yoga is a fitness-focused yoga class that’s suitable for all levels including beginners. Inspired by the energetic hatha and vinyasa yoga styles, this is a great all-round yoga class for improving strength, flexibility and mental focus. Each month will have a different focus so you’ll have time to get to grips with the poses. Whether you’re wanting a class to strengthen and stretch your muscles or you’re in need of some mindful movement to end a stressful day, our Yoga class has something for everyone.

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What are your Relax & Restore Yoga classes like?

With such busy lives, sometimes the best thing we can give ourselves is the gift of rest; a chance to recharge our batteries. Relax & Restore Yoga is a tranquil and relaxing yoga class that’s great for mental health and physical flexibility alike. The class offers a mix of seated and laying yoga postures to gently stretch you out and release the stress of your week, physically and mentally. We often hold stress in our muscles and connective tissues as well as our minds so this class will help you work it all out. Some poses will be held for a few breaths (hatha yoga style) while others will be held for minutes at a time for flexibility (yin yoga style) and using pillows and blankets for support (restorative yoga style). It’s suitable for everyone, including pregnant and postnatal ladies. For the last 15-20 minutes of the class, we’ll then move into a therapeutic relaxation for the ultimate restoration experience. Prepare to feel flexible, calm and restored and don’t forget to bring your blanket and pillow!

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What’s your Pilates Fit class like?

Pilates Fit is our upbeat core strengthening, posture improving class with a fun, functional fitness twist! Suitable for all levels including beginners. This class will keep your mind and body guessing as the exercises change every week. In Pilates Fit Party you’ll forget you’re even working out. Set to inspiring music with a party vibe, you’ll want to put your hands in the air like you don’t care!

Known to help prevent back problems before they occur, Pilates focuses on precise and controlled movements to build strength, flexibility, stability and mobility. In Pilates Fit we’ve got a mix of standing, seated and laying exercises. You’ll be moving your spine in all six different directions and begin to move better, stand taller and feel muscles you never realised you had. Prepare to feel those long and lean muscles. Pilates is so much more than an abs class: discover your core strength!

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What is your Mind & Body Conditioning class like?

This energetic, low impact interval class is a combination of yoga, pilates and traditional conditioning exercises with light weights, all designed to condition and tone your body. The interval format will also raise your metabolism so you’ll be burning energy even after the class is done. This class comes with so many benefits and regular participation will get you stronger and bring out your fiercer side! The bottom line is you choose how hard you work; if you choose to go ‘all out’ in your intervals, you’ll see just how challenging low impact intervals can be!

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I’m pregnant or postnatal. Can I attend?

Pregnancy isn’t the best time to start a strenuous exercise routine but if you’ve attended yoga or pilates classes before pregnancy, we may be able to offer pregnancy modifications in some of our ‘live’ Zoom classes. We can also offer private sessions for pregnant and post-natal Mums. Most of our classes are suitable for postnatal ladies who have been signed off by their doctor/midwife (normally 6 weeks postpartum for a natural birth and 12 weeks for a caesarean). If you’re pregnant or have given birth in the last 6 months, please contact us before booking your space so we can make sure our classes are suitable for you.

Can you tell me about the health form and waiver?

When you book a class for the first time, we have an electronic health form (PARQ) and also a waiver, all with simple tick-boxes to aid completion. The health form and waiver provide you with guidance on the types of conditions you’ll need to consult a medical practitioner about prior to attending a class or session with us so please read it carefully. The guidance is taken from the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) participant activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ) which is a fitness industry standard questionnaire designed to tell you whether you can safely participate in an exercise programme without seeking medical clearance. You should read the guidance and waiver carefully when making your booking to ensure you don’t need to consult a doctor before attending. Assuming you’re happy, just tick the box to confirm. Of course if there’s anything in the health form or waiver that you don’t understand, then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

Do I need any equipment to do your classes?

Online classes
You’ll need to have your own mat or a comfortable non-slip surface for our online yoga and pilates classes. Our live online classes either don’t use equipment or equipment will be optional. If equipment is needed for an On Demand Studio class, this will be clear in the class description so you can make an informed choice before booking. If you would like to buy your own yoga and pilates equipment, it can be purchased fairly inexpensively. If you would like to chat about equipment, please contact us.

In-person classes and sessions
You’ll need to bring your own mat for hygiene reasons. If equipment such as blocks, straps, bands, balls or weights are required for the class, we’ll provide these. You’ll need to bring your own pillows and blankets for relaxation classes.

Where can I find your class updates?

Follow us on our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also sign up for our newsletter to hear about new classes and offers.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

You can view our terms and conditions including our cancellation policy here.

Have you got any taster classes?

Yes! Visit our tasters page for more info.