Our locations

Note: Due to COVID-19, all our classes and sessions are being run online only for the foreseeable future.

Our virtual clinic

We began with just offering hypnotherapy, relaxation and meditation sessions online in our virtual hypnotherapy clinic, and indeed our hypnotherapy sessions have been online-only for a few years. However, we’re now in a position to offer everything online – including our group yoga and pilates classes, personal training and private yoga and pilates.

The great thing about online sessions is that you can attend them from anywhere. You’ll also have the same interaction with us that you’d have from being in the same room.

Find out more about hypnotherapy, private yoga and pilates, group yoga and pilates classes, yoga nidra, personal training and hypno yoga.

Redhouse Community Centre, North Swindon

Our in-person classes run at:
Redhouse Community Centre
Frankel Avenue,
Redhouse, North Swindon
SN25 2GY

The studios at Redhouse are large, modern and warm, with dimmable lights and it’s a great location for our group classes.

Our private garden studio, North Swindon

The garden studio can be found off Tadpole Lane in North Swindon (we’ll give you the address when you book).

We use our garden studio for private yoga and pilates, yoga nidra (yoga sleep), hypno yoga and personal training. Our virtual classes and sessions are also brought to you from here! The studio is light and bright for personal training as well as being equipped with blinds and soft lighting for evening yoga and pilates.