Hypno Yoga

What is Hypno Yoga?

Our Hypno Yoga sessions are a fusion of yoga poses combined with hypnotherapy relaxation techniques. We offer it as a private session or as a group class (check our timetable for class availability).

Yoga is an ancient therapy and way of life from the eastern part of the world. Hypnotherapy is a form of talking therapy based around relaxation from the western part of the world. Our Hypno Yoga sessions combine the best of yoga and hypnotherapy into a unique session tailored to help you change your life for the better. For example, maybe you would like to feel less stressed or anxious or improve your sleep? Hypno Yoga could be just the solution you’re looking for. You also don’t need any yoga experience for Hypno Yoga.

Can anyone do Hypno Yoga?

Yes! However, if you’re currently experiencing psychiatric issues, seizure disorders, heart problems or might be pregnant, please speak to us to make sure a Hypno Yoga session is suitable for you.

What can I expect at a private Hypno Yoga session?

Our private Hypno Yoga sessions are made up of yoga poses chosen especially to help you with your goal. These could be relaxing seated and lying poses or perhaps energising standing poses – the choice is yours. These poses are then combined with a hypnotherapy relaxation tailored to the issue you would like to work on.

The philosophy behind our Hypno Yoga

According to yogic philosophy, many yoga poses can be beneficial in therapeutic healing, especially when combined with meditation and relaxation. This is because yoga has a direct effect on our physical energy and our ‘energy centres’ in the body (called chakras). In yogic philosophy, the chakras are shown as coloured wheels of energy which spin. It is said that issues can occur in both mind and body when these energy centres become blocked or imbalanced.

In the western world, hypnotherapy is used for achieving therapeutic goals but it’s also a fantastic way to relax. Being multi-skilled at Aurora, we’re uniquely placed to offer hypnotherapy as well as yoga which makes our Hypno Yoga sessions a great choice. Just like meditation and Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep), hypnotherapy involves guided relaxation. In hypnotherapy, concentration and focused attention are used to achieve a heightened state of subconscious awareness (or ‘trance state’) with relaxation. Together, we can then focus on specific thoughts, behaviours or feelings that you would like to change. This approach can be helpful in overcoming issues such as stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

Do you need to de-stress and relax?

Restorative yoga poses alongside hypnotherapy can also be used for deep relaxation when you simply want some time-out. It’s one of the most refreshing self care gifts you can give yourself. We can accommodate couples, friends and groups wanting to relax together too.

Note: We also offer gift vouchers for Hypno Yoga relaxation sessions, which make a wonderful present for loved ones.

Using a combination of these eastern and western philosophies, we create Hypno Yoga sessions designed to help you heal and achieve your goals.

Find out more

Hypno Yoga is available as a private yoga session or as a class. Please visit our prices page for further details on pricing. If you would like to ask about gift vouchers or find out more about Hypno Yoga, hypnotherapy or Yoga Nidra, please get in touch.