Prices and bookings


  • Live virtual classes (1 hour): £7
  • Live virtual classes (Express): £6 (£5 with corporate discount code)
  • On-demand virtual classes: Up to £5 per view, depending on length
  • In-person classes: £9

One-to-ones and two-to-ones

  • Personal Training: £30 per session or £150 for 6 sessions
  • Private yoga and pilates: £50 per session or £200 for 5 sessions


  • Hypnotherapy: £50 per session
  • Hypno Yoga: £50 per session
  • Yoga Nidra relaxation sessions: £50 per session

All sessions run for up to 1 hour unless otherwise specified.


To book a yoga or pilates class or see what classes we’re running, visit our yoga and pilates class booking page.

For all other session types, please contact us to check availability and book. You can also check out our locations page for more information on where we offer our sessions.



All group classes can be paid for through the class booking system or in the case of in-person classes, cash, card or bank transfers are also accepted. 

Please note that special classes or courses must be paid for when booking and this will be clear in the booking system when you book your space.

All private sessions

All one-to-one sessions must be paid for when booking unless agreed otherwise. Once your appointment time has been agreed, we’ll send you an invoice to pay for your session.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to our terms and conditions for booking and cancellation terms.


If you have any questions about any of the sessions we offer, please get in touch.