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  • Live virtual classes (1 hour): £7
  • Live virtual classes (45-50 minute): £6 (£5 with corporate discount code)
  • On-demand virtual classes: Individually priced, depending on length
  • In-person classes: £10, paid as a monthly course

Private sessions

  • Personal Training: £30 per session or £150 for 6 sessions
  • Private yoga and pilates: £50 per session or £200 for 5 sessions
  • Combo Personal Training with yoga and/or pilates: £40 per session or £200 for 6 sessions

All private sessions run for approximately 1 hour.

Hypnotherapy and relaxation sessions

  • £60 per session

All private hypnotherapy and relaxation sessions run for a ‘therapeutic hour’ (up to 50 minutes).

Smoking cessation hypnotherapy

We also offer smoking cessation hypnotherapy which is priced differently. Depending on needs, this may be a single session or split into two sessions.

  • Smoking cessation hypnotherapy package: £150

Nutrition evaluations

An evaluation of your food intake in line with healthy eating guidelines. Includes general recommendations on where you could make changes and education on food labelling (if applicable)

  • Full nutrition evaluation: £50


To book a yoga or pilates class or see what classes we’re running, visit our yoga and pilates class page.

For private yoga and pilates, personal training, hypnotherapy, relaxation sessions or nutrition evaluations, please contact us to book. You can also check out our locations page for more information on where we offer our sessions.



All group classes are paid for at the time of booking through the class booking system.

Personal training, hypnotherapy, relaxation sessions, private yoga and pilates and nutrition evaluations

We’ll send you an invoice to make your payment when you contact us to book in. Please note that timeslots are not secured until payment is received.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to our terms and conditions for booking and cancellation terms.