Prices and bookings

Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Yoga

Hypnotherapy is available in Swindon’s Old Town, North Swindon and also through our online therapy clinic. Therapeutic yoga is available in Swindon’s Old Town and North Swindon. See our locations for more information.


or Therapeutic Yoga

Single Session


1 session


or Therapeutic Yoga

Stress and Anxiety Package


4 sessions


or Therapeutic Yoga

Manage Weight Package


6 sessions


Stop Smoking Package


2 sessions

All therapeutic sessions run for 50 minutes. Prices valid for all locations including the online therapy clinic. Relaxation sessions are available in the online therapy clinic only, run for 30 minutes and are charged at half the price of a single session.


Yoga classes and yoga one-to-ones are available in North Swindon. See our locations for more information.




Price for 1 minute

Yoga Classes


 per class

Private Yoga Tuition


per session

Applies to all types of private yoga, including pregnancy and postnatal but excluding therapeutic yoga

All sessions run for up to 1 hour unless otherwise specified.


If you have any questions about any of the treatments or services we offer, please get in touch.