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Thank you for your interest in my class at Redhouse Community Centre. Redhouse continues to hold a special place in my heart as I’ve been teaching here for 6 years (with a small break for a pandemic…!)

Natalie Young Yoga pilates hypno-psychotherapist

Natalie Young
Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Hypno-Psychotherapist
and Director at Aurora

My Yoga and Pilates Fusion class combines the spiritual and mental health benefits of Yoga with the core strength of Pilates. As I’m also a therapist, I bring mind fitness concepts into every class I teach too. My goal is for you to leave class feeling better than you did when you walked in, not just physically but mentally as well.

The class runs as a monthly course and each ‘block’ of classes has a particular focus for the month. This gives you time to get to grips with the yoga poses and pilates exercises, building confidence in both mind and body.

Whether you’re looking to get out of the house and learn something new, de-stress, build confidence, find body acceptance, get fitter, improve your flexibility, refine your balance, improve your posture or ward off back pain, the benefits of bringing these two disciplines together really are amazing.

My classes are welcoming, friendly and suitable for beginners. Wherever you are on your mind and body fitness journey, you’ll be supported to reach your goals alongside a group of like-minded people.

When is Yoga and Pilates Fusion on?

The class runs on Wednesdays 6:00-6:55pm, booked as a monthly course block. Spaces on our in-person courses are strictly limited to allow respectful space between students. We don’t allow drop-ins so you won’t be coming into an oversubscribed class where mats are on top of one another and you’re struggling to find a space.

As our spaces are limited, they do fill up quickly. If the current course is full and you would like to go on the reserve list, please pop me a message here.

Our online offerings

Aurora Mind and Body operated solely online for 18 months during the pandemic and we built up a very loyal online following. We continue to run 3 ‘live’ classes every week through Zoom and we’ve also built up a fantastic library of recorded classes you can do anytime in our On Demand Studio. Students from all over the UK have joined us for online classes and reaped the benefits of working out at home. These classes are all available on pay-as-you-go or with our unlimited online class pass. Perhaps you’d like to complement your in-person class with one of my online offerings as well? See the offer below for current students!

Special welcome offer

If it’s your first time booking onto Yoga and Pilates Fusion at Redhouse, you’ll receive a free 2 class pass for our online classes so you can try them out.

Want more yoga and pilates?

Practising yoga and pilates more than once per week will accelerate your progress, so adding an online class or two to your routine is a great complement to your weekly in-person class. If you plan to do 1-2 online classes per week, the unlimited online class pass provides the best value for money, giving you access to all our Zoom classes, as well as our On Demand Studio. Find out more about the pass here.