Fitness and sports performance hypnotherapy Swindon

Get Mind and Body Fit! Hi! My name is Natalie and I welcome you to Aurora Mind and Body. I'm

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Swindon yoga classes: get mind and body fit!

Yoga can help you improve your strength, flexibility and alignment. All of these factors are a must for any fitness

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Sports performance hypnosis for runners

Sports performance hypnosis or sports psychology?

Get mind and body fit! Sports psychology and sports performance hypnosis are similar. Both work with behaviour and the unconscious...

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Natalie - Hypno-Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

About Natalie

MBPsS, DHP(NC), MNSHPM, CNHC registered, BSc(hons) Psych (Open) As well as being passionate about fitness and wellbeing, I’m a Hypno-Psychotherapist...

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Book a Swindon yoga class

Book a yoga class

This is the yoga class booking page. If you would like to find out more about Aurora Mind and Body...

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Fitness and sports performance hypnotherapy Swindon

Aurora Yoga and Sports Performance Hypnotherapy Swindon

Get Mind and Body Fit!

Hi! My name is Natalie and I welcome you to Aurora Mind and Body.

I’m a Hypno-Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher and I provide solutions to help you get ‘mind and body fit’. I specialise in fitness and sports performance and while I don’t yet know what you would like to achieve from your next big sport or fitness event, I know you have the strength within you to do it!

What services does Aurora Mind and Body provide?

Fitness and sports performance hypnotherapy

I provide integrative hypno-psychotherapy and specialise in fitness and sports performance. That said, I can help you with other ailments too.

Hypnotherapy combines brilliantly with psychotherapy (hence ‘hypno-psychotherapy’), so whether you like to talk or are more reflective, there are lots of ways we can approach getting you ‘mind fit’ and (most importantly for my sports performance clients), ready for your next big race, game, or even group exercise class!)

Yoga classes in Swindon

Appointments can be provided in my Swindon clinic, or your appointment can come to you in the virtual clinic. Most of my appointment slots are on Friday afternoons, meaning I can offer pre-race sessions if you’ve got an event coming up in the next day or two. This can be particularly useful if you’d like a pre-race boost.

Yoga classes in Swindon

If yoga is more your thing, I teach hatha and vinyasa-inspired yoga classes throughout the Swindon area.

Why you should choose me to help you

It’s important you choose the right person to help you. By this I mean someone you can relate to, who is also well-qualified. For starters, I’m passionate about fitness and wellbeing. But passion aside, I’ve also been where you might be right now. I’ve meticulously trained for runs, triathlons and cycling events, turning up to the starting line feeling geared up and excited about achieving a personal best. Then I’ve let my thinking patterns spoil the end result. I’ve also experienced similar feelings when turning up to group exercise classes, determined to beat my previous performance only for it to become a distant memory just as the class finishes. Several disappointments later, I decided enough was enough and I had to get myself ‘mind fit’. Having worked through these experiences myself I now feel I’m well placed to help other people through them too…

Hypnotherapy for runners

How can sports performance hypnotherapy help?

Did you know some athletes say that 90% of their performance is attributed to mind fitness? Low confidence, a poor race performance or an injury can knock the confidence of even the greatest athletes. Sports performance hypnotherapy could help you overcome any barriers in your thinking and help you reach your sport and fitness goals.

Hypnotherapy can also help with other issues

Fitness and sports performance hypnotherapy is my specialty, but I can also help with other issues. I have extensive experience in helping clients beat stress, manage insomnia and learn how to relax. I could also help you manage chronic pain or IBS, lose weight, stop smoking or overcome a phobia that’s been bugging you.

If you would like to get ‘mind and body fit’, get in touch and let’s work on it together!