Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Our Swindon hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions are run in our clinic in Old Town, Swindon and also in our virtual therapy clinic.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy involving hypnosis and, if the therapist is adequately trained, psychotherapy. (Take a look at the difference between hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy here). Hypnosis focuses a client’s imagination and subconscious mind to help them make positive changes to thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The hypnotherapist will ask the client what changes they would like to make and these will be agreed prior to any therapy occurring.

Unlike counselling and traditional psychotherapy which often involves looking at a number of issues in a conscious way, hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind. However, this doesn’t mean you risk losing control or that you can be manipulated to do or think things you don’t want to. The client remains completely in control and although very relaxed, is able to talk or get up and leave the room should they wish to. I like to describe hypnotherapy a bit like “meditation with a goal”!

Hypnotherapy treatments

Below is a list of the most common problems our clients seek hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for. However, this list isn’t exhaustive so if there’s something else you would like to work on, let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

Click on the treatment you are interested in to read more.

Hypnotherapy for stress

Workplace stress

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and nerves

Anxiety and nerves

Hypnotherapy for sleep

Sleep and insomnia

Hypnotherapy for fitness and sports performance

Fitness and sports performance

Hypnotherapy for runners

Performance anxieties

Hypnotherapy for goals

Reach a goal

Hypnotherapy for confidence

Confidence and self-esteem

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight management

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

Quit smoking

Hypnotherapy for IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome

Hypnotherapy for pain

Chronic pain

Hypnotherapy for relaxation


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