Do you compare yourself to others?

Acceptance of where you are at a moment in time is important for mind fitness. However, you also need to challenge yourself for change to happen. Many people benchmark themselves against other people rather than looking inwards to identify what needs to change to be more successful. This mindset can be troublesome for some, especially when it comes to sports performance.

Note: The tips in this article are relevant for non-sports performance-related self-esteem issues too.

Why comparing yourself with others can be counterproductive

There’s certainly nothing wrong with taking a step outside your comfort zone, In fact, when it comes to sports performance, stepping outside your comfort zone is a necessity. However, solely focusing on being better than someone else isn’t likely to get you the results you want. Instead, why not decide to be better than you?

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Set a ‘stretch’ goal

Your goal needs to be small and achievable. It could be as simple as aiming to run for an extra 30 seconds, cycling your usual route a minute faster, or maybe swimming an extra length. It might not be achieved overnight but sometimes the smallest changes in your thought patterns and goal setting can yield the biggest results. Especially when it comes to sports performance enhancement.

Challenging yourself to be better than you rather than other people puts the control of your destiny back into your own hands. The problem with always comparing yourself to others is that you can start to believe you are not good enough. You are good enough. So why not focus on identifying some of your strengths and set yourself some new fitness goals?

Need a break?

It’s also helpful to recognise when you’re feeling tired and need to give yourself a break! How you handle setbacks is also important when it comes to enhancing your performance.

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