Private yoga tuition

If you find group yoga classes daunting, or would like more personal attention than group classes can offer, our private yoga tuition in North Swindon could be the answer. You could also bring a friend (or more!) and have your own private class.

Looking for our group yoga classes? Visit our yoga classes page.

Our private yoga sessions can be tailored to both physical fitness and mind-fitness goals. So whether you’re looking to get stronger and more flexible or build up the confidence to attend classes, a private yoga session has something for you.
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Yoga for fitness

Clients often come to see us for help with strength and flexibility while training for events such as a marathons, triathlons and sportives. If you’re looking for some yoga sessions to support your training, we can help.

Pregnancy and postnatal yoga

If you have a baby on the way or you’ve recently given birth*, we can tailor private pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga sessions, just for you. Our private yoga sessions provide you with lots of personal attention and feedback. As a result, you may find you feel more physically comfortable while doing yoga. This is a big benefit over pregnancy yoga classes which may have a large number of attendees and comfort is something that’s important not to underestimate when carrying a growing baby! Our private postnatal yoga sessions can also help you regain the strength to attend regular yoga classes after birth, should you wish to.

Yoga for relaxation and meditation

If de-stressing is your goal, our therapeutic yoga sessions can help you get out of your head and into your body. Most people find traditional meditation very challenging. However, having a yoga teacher guide you through this can make it easier for you to maintain your focus and reconnect with your body.

If stress or anxiety management is something you’re interested in, therapeutic yoga can also help with this. We also offer hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Find out more about therapeutic yoga or hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Private yoga session structure

Each private yoga session runs for up to 1 hour and includes a combination of yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (breath work) and a relaxation, all tailored to your fitness goals.

Whether your goal is physical or you’re more interested in building confidence to attend classes, our private sessions will help you feel stretched, strengthened and relaxed.

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*For postnatal yoga, new Mums must have had their 6 week check (12 week check for caesarean) and be cleared to exercise by their doctor.