Mindful anger

Written by Nat Young – Yoga Teacher and Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist.

Earlier this week I felt really angry at something at work. I don’t feel angry very often but it was an unmistakable feeling. Physically, my temperature rose, my heart rate increased, my breath became shallow and I felt a bit like a bubbling saucepan. Emotionally, I felt patronised, annoyed and taken for granted.

Just stop

When I noticed how I was feeling, I removed myself from the situation which allowed me to take a moment to employ some mindfulness. I noticed what I was feeling, what was going on around me and I stopped for a moment to decide how to deal with the situation. The act of stopping and being mindful was enough to calm me physically and emotionally, and I decided to listen to some loud music until I felt able to carry on (I chose a song by Rage Against The Machine, which seemed quite appropriate). As the song finished, I realised I felt okay and I carried on with my day.

Mindfulness is great!

Mindfulness is something I teach clients frequently in my hypnotherapy and therapeutic yoga sessions. I even touch upon it in my yoga classes. It’s such a powerful tool and can be utilised in so many different situations. Sometimes the act of stopping, being present in the moment and noticing what’s going on around you is just what you need to take stock and carry on with your day.

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