How’s your mobility?

Written by Nat Young – Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist and Yoga/Pilates Teacher.

I attended a Fitness Pilates Athletic workshop the other week and it had a huge focus on mobility. I felt very ‘well-oiled’ afterwards but I must admit, I was quite sore the next day! That surprised me and showed that my muscles needed it. 

Sometimes when we think of ‘mobility’, we think of stretching and generally getting the body moving better in everyday life. However, mobility is so much more than that. It’s paramount when it comes to developing your yoga and pilates practice (and other forms of strength training) because mobilisation is all about increasing your range of motion at each of your joints – think bigger and better movements. 

When you have good mobility, you can get yourself into a better position so your form will be better and your strength will develop from there. If you have limited joint mobility, it makes getting into the right position for many exercises tough, and as a result your form will suffer. Mobility is therefore an important part of our physical training.

We’ll be doing some mobility-focused movements as part of our Pilates classes so why not come along?