Health and wellbeing

The importance of consistency

Written by Nat Young – Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist and Yoga/Pilates Teacher

It’s the third full week of January and by this point, you might feel like your motivation is running out of steam: a bit like a train going up a hill! Perhaps the new year feels like a distant memory and you’re feeling lacklustre and sluggish? I hear you!

So what can you do to keep up the momentum on your fitness and get your motivation back?

First, it’s important to acknowledge how you’re feeling right now.

Secondly, assure yourself that consistency is more important than going all out for a bit and then stopping. If you started the year exercising every day, that’s probably not sustainable in the long term unless you’re used to it. It’s much more important to be consistent than to exercise in peaks and troughs as consistency will yield the most health benefits. So…why not try committing to 2-3 sessions per week? If you get on OK with that, then you can look to increase the number of sessions you do. This approach is much better than exercising every day for a week and then doing nothing the week after.

Third, if you’re feeling low on energy but really want to do something, you could do some gentle stretching (try my new Quiet and Stretchy Yin Yoga on demand!) or do a meditation. Remember, fitness is a journey and it needs to be sustainable, not a slog.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on!