Feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty?

Here’s an infographic which explains what happens to us when faced with uncertainty. Uncertainty triggers a myriad of events in the brain and what you feel is an evolutionary response. In other words, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s all perfectly normal…

How to bring things back into perspective

Ever heard of the saying “a problem shared is a problem halved?” A hypnotherapy session can be a great way to explore feelings of uncertainty and sometimes the very act of talking about how you’re feeling can bring things back into perspective.

Taking time out to practice relaxation is also useful as it calms the body’s fight, flight, freeze survival response, springing your ‘logical brain’ back into action. We offer a number of different activities for relaxation such as our weekly meditative yoga class, and our hypno yoga and yoga nidra one-to-ones so you’re sure to find something that will help.

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Stress Yoga

Yoga and resilience to workplace stress

Written by Nat Young, Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist and Yoga and Pilates Teacher.

We can’t go far these days without seeing something in the media about wellbeing or mental health. Quite simply, it’s a hot topic on the agenda right now. You may also have seen articles about yoga and its links with wellbeing. Yoga is a lot more than just exercise, although it’s great for flexibility and strength too. With yoga’s focus on the breath and remaining in the present moment even when things gets tough, it’s also fantastic for improving your mental health. But don’t just take my word for it, it’s backed up by research!

Over the years there have been multiple research studies which have expressed concern for high levels of workplace stress and poor emotional wellbeing. One study in particular by Hartfiel et al. (2011) examined the effectiveness of yoga in enhancing emotional wellbeing and resilience to stress amongst employees working at a university. In this controlled study, 48 employees were randomly recruited and put into a ‘yoga’ group or a ‘wait list’ control group. The yoga group were offered one lunchtime yoga class per week for a period of 6 weeks. The wait-list group received nothing.

The researchers surveyed the employees of both groups at the beginning and end of the study through self-reported mood questionnaires. They found significantly improved scores in the employees who did one yoga class per week with participants reporting improvements in feelings of clear-headedness, composure, energy, self-confidence and life purpose. The researchers concluded that even after the short 6 week period, yoga was effective at enhancing emotional wellbeing and resilience to workplace stress. If this is what a 6-week programme can do, imagine the benefits to be had from regular yoga practice…


US National Library of Medicine, 2019, The effectiveness of yoga for the improvement of wellbeing and resilience to stress in the workplace, viewed 10 Nov 2019,

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