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Introducing Hypno-Yoga

When a yoga class isn’t enough, Hypno-Yoga could be the answer Have you been to yoga classes but found they’re not quite enough to help you overcome an issue you’ve been struggling with? Do you feel you could do with some help to overcome an emotional situation? Have you had hypnotherapy before but found it […]

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A word on personal yoga practice

As a yoga teacher in Swindon, I’m always focussing on lesson plans for my Swindon yoga classes. I ask for feedback at the end of my classes and during class I tune in on the body language of my students to see which poses they enjoy and which ones they’re less keen on. This gives […]

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Goal? Dream big, step small!

There’s a fantastic video to watch below illustrating the process of making small changes to reach a fitness goal. Note: This process can be applied to other goals too! Here’s the process: First identify where you are (and accept it). This is your benchmark. Think about what you like/dislike about being where you are and […]

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