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A Christmas workout

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our clients. May 2020 be a year filled full of achieved goals and happiness. If you’ve been following our 12 Days of Fitmas on social media, today’s bonus challenge is to stitch the videos together to create a festive workout for yourself. We recommend playing the videos in the order below. If you would like to automatically play the videos in this order without a break, we’ve also created a playlist for you on YouTube.

Day 1 – Pilates Posture
Day 7 – Pilates Warm-Up
Day 2 – Tree Pose
Day 8 – Lunges
Day 9 – Wall Sit
Day 10 – Towel Curl
Day 6 – Mobility
Day 11 – Half Burpee Bop
Day 4 – Boat Pose
Day 12 – Relax and Restore Meditation

Use Day 3 (Walking) and Day 5 (Look after yourself) on days when you’re feeling stressed and need to get out of the house.

Day 3 – Walking
Day 5 – Look After Yourself

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone. See you in January!

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