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On demand fitness classes

Have you noticed our ‘on demand’ fitness classes? These are pre-recorded classes with the same feel as our live virtual classes through Zoom. Without fixed show times, it works a bit like Netflix for fitness, so you can do the classes anytime you like. Much like a cinema, our classes are all pay-as-you-go too.

We’ve currently got 3 on demand classes just waiting for you to enjoy anytime you like. Why not try one out over the weekend? All you need to do is book a place for the day you want to do the class and then go ahead and do it!

Whether you’re wanting your fitness fix at 6am in the morning, 10pm at night or even in the middle of the night, our on demand classes have got you. We also change what’s on every so often so you’ll always have something new to try.

Choose from:

  • Strong and stretchy Yoga Slow Flow for Mobility.
  • Fun and energetic Pilates Fit Side Body Focus to tone your waist and deep core muscles.
  • Our brand new Yoga HIIT for Legs and Glutes to give your cardio a boost. 

New Yoga HIIT on demand fitness class

Our new Yoga HIIT class is an absolute burner! Fast-moving HIIT movements based on yoga poses with tabata timing will work your cardio and help you gain muscle tone. We work in an anatomically sympathetic way so you’ll work hard but still be taking care of your joints. And as it’s HIIT, you’ll still be burning energy long after the class is done! 

It’s a must-try whether you’re looking to add some cross-training to your runs/rides or looking to boost your fitness and fat loss.

Don’t miss out

Yoga Slow Flow for Mobility will be leaving the on demand timetable at the end of this week so if you haven’t tried it yet or would like to do it again, now’s your last chance!

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