Pilates Yoga

Pilates and the humble squat

Written by Nat Young – Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist and Yoga/Pilates Teacher.

It sounds like a story book title doesn’t it?!

In all seriousness, squats come with so many benefits. They not only strengthen the muscles of your lower body, they also:

  • Help your leg muscles work more efficiently so they function better in everyday life
  • Improve mobility and balance
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Burn calories
  • Tone up your muscles
  • Strengthen your core

Who knew! We normally do squats of some sort in Pilates Fit. The ‘Pilates squat’ is known as the ‘spine swing’ but we often do standard squats too as they’re so good for you!

Even in a Yoga class, we’ve got Chair Pose and Goddess Pose which are different takes on the squat movement. Even some yoga balances are similar to a single-leg squat. Now those are challenging!

For some On Demand Studio classes with squats, try:

  • Yoga HIIT for Legs and Glutes
  • Yoga Flow for Balance and Strength
  • Pilates Fit for Waists