Pilates Yoga

Classes: Pilates or Yoga?

Are you a Pilates person or a Yoga person? (Or perhaps you can’t decide?!) Read on to see which class sounds most like you…


Do you need to blow off some steam after a hard day at the office? Perhaps you want a workout that challenges you but you don’t fancy jumping around? Then Pilates is your class! With its low impact exercises, Pilates is great for all abilities whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey, returning from injury* or looking for something to complement your existing routine. Come and feel the inner fire in your belly with exercises designed to strengthen, lengthen and stabilise the muscles of your core (and I don’t just mean your six pack!) We’ll work on the shoulders, chest, abdominals, back and glutes, as well as focusing on all-over body posture. You may even feel taller when we’ve finished…


Fitness-focused Yoga

Feeling overwhelmed? Need to leave a busy day behind and feel like you’ve done something good for your body? Our original fitness-focused yoga class is the best of all worlds. Inspired by the energetic hatha and vinyasa yoga styles, lots of options are given throughout the class to suit beginner to experienced yogis alike. The class has a bit of everything so whether your goal is to improve your strength and flexibility, use movement to gain mental focus, or just feel like you’ve had a workout, this is the class for you. You’ll get a bit sweaty but you’ll be glad you did it!

Yin Yoga and Yin Yoga Chill

Stressed? Anxious? Difficulty sleeping? Just want an hour to do something good for yourself? Yin Yoga is your class. This class is quiet and suitable for all abilities. We’ll do a few stretchy yoga poses designed to calm your mind and body (you don’t need to be flexible!) and then move into a Yoga Nidra meditation specifically designed to calm your body’s stress response. Once per month we also do a ‘Chill’ class with less poses and a longer meditation for the ultimate relaxation experience. You can even bring your favourite blanket and pillow if you wish. Prepare to awaken feeling gently stretched, calm and ready to tackle whatever Friday has in store!

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Still not sure?

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*Medical clearance required if returning from injury.