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What is integrative hypno-psychotherapy?

Written by Nat Young, Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist and Yoga/Pilates Teacher.

Integrative hypno-psychotherapy is a collective term used to describe a blend of techniques to help clients achieve their personal growth and self-awareness goals. For example, an integrative hypno-psychotherapist may use a combination of behavioural, cognitive, humanistic, solution-focused and psychodynamic techniques in sessions. This means the client can benefit from a number of different schools of thought rather than just one, as would be the case with a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist or a solution-focused hypnotherapist for example.

Therapists like me who practice integrative hypno-psychotherapy utilise approaches from multiple different methods to maximise the potential benefits for a particular person. Clients are unique and each requires a different therapeutic approach, which is what makes integrative hypno-psychotherapy so great. When therapy treatment is tailored to a client’s needs, the effectiveness of that treatment is increased.

The ultimate goal of integrative hypno-psychotherapy is to maximise a client’s potential and remove barriers that could be limiting mental growth. A skilled integrative hypno-psychotherapist will put together an effective treatment plan to meet the individual needs of their clients rather than being limited by a single therapeutic approach.

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